Top 3 Winners at CHTA Innovation Day Singapore

On the 17th October, Gleematic A.I was awarded as Top 3 winners of CHTA Innovation Day Singapore. The event was World of Possibilities (WOP) held by China Hotel and Travel Alliance (CHTA). WOP 2020 took place on 17th October 2019 in Singapore where Top 10 startups gathered to pitch their best solution offerings, along with senior executives from corporates to join the session.

CHTA is a non-profit organization connecting Chinese and Western communities from travel and hospitality technology perspective. By holding World of Possibilities – The Singapore Contest, CHTA aimed to find potential and innovative solutions for business transformation.

Gleematic A.I was preliminarily shortlisted to Top 10, with a chance to pitch again among other amazing startups with potential solution offerings.

Gleematic A.I is a cognitive automation solution that can accommodate business transformation. As a proof of technology innovation, Gleematic A.I can help various industry sectors to keep in pace with the world’s trend of technology, including the hospitality industry.

There are many operational processes in the hospitality industry that Gleematic A.I can help to automate. Eliminating and replacing the manual processing with automation is a solution that Gleematic A.I offer for the hospitality industry so that the human-staff can move to more valuable tasks.

Gleematic A.I can help in automating the check-in process and booking process – additionally online booking integration. Usually, front-desk operations are too complex and can be so time-consuming if done manually, but it can be different with the help of Gleematic A.I.

Gleematic can help extract essential guest information e.g. from passports, ID cards, etc., and enter to the hotel’s software system to enter the information. In booking processing, Gleematic A.I can be used to help online booking integration. It can check the online booking which has been made and reconcile it with the system. Afterward, software robots issue the room key and other complementary services.

Not just automating, Gleematic A.I can be used to assess customer’s feedback which is very useful and important in customer relationships and improvement of the business itself. Gleematic A.I can help customer relationship’s feedback management by using sentiment analysis to value positive and negative feedback, it can also help sales management by identifying “hot leads” from emails and send it to the right salesperson who is responsible. Last but not least, account payable invoice extraction can also be automated by using Gleematic A.I.

Gleematic A.I pitched along with many incredible product offerings as innovative solutions. We realize how technology grows rapidly to be more advanced, and it’s crucial for us to keep in pace with its growth – to stay within the world’s trend of technology. Because, as technology moves – everything moves to follow it, and it grows rapidly like a flow of water!

However, it has been an honor for Gleematic A.I to be awarded as Top 3 Winners of CHTA Innovation Day Singapore. Also, to build insightful networking with many incredible startups which have remarkable solution offerings, was truly a tremendous pleasure.

Written by: Kezia Nadira