Event with SCCCI: A.I and Robotic Process Automation

We are honored to be invited by the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI) to lead a workshop titled “Automate Office-Tasks with A.I and Robotic Process Automation” for Human Resource (HR) professionals on 2-April.

At this event, our Marketing & Sales Director, Ms. Ada Lim, will be the Trainer and will introduce functions of Gleematic that HR professionals can use to improve productivity.

Ada will share and discuss about how a “virtual worker” (our Gleematic cognitive software-robots) can potentially do high precision work without breaks! Automation using robotic processes (RPA), in combination with A.I. can be the perfect assistant to help participants their work.

Examples of HR functions that Gleematic cognitive automation solution can assist in include (but not restricted to) the following:

  • Recruitment: Automatically post JDs on multiple job portals, consolidate applications, screen resumes, and predict who might be best suited for a role.
  • Onboarding: Extract data and validate with ID documents/ certificates. Create new email accounts. Assign phone numbers.
  • Employee relations: Keep employees happy by understanding their needs and their career aspirations through classifications of feedback.
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensure compliance with man-power policies and apply for relevant permits for your staff on time.

Participants of the workshop will learn how to utilize the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) for HR functions.

The main topics in this workshop are:

  • Basic concepts of A.I. and RPA
  • How A.I. and RPA can help you / your SMEs
  • How to instruct Gleematic “robot”
  • How do AI and RPA functions in automation in HR functions

The event will be held on 2nd April 2020, Thursday, at 01.00 PM – 05-00 PM and take place at SCCCI Conference Room at Trade Association Hub Singapore.

If you are interested and want to attend this workshop you can register via the Registration Link here. And all participants are advised to bring their own laptops during the workshop.