Using Automation in HR

With so many different type of functions in Human Resource, manual data entry is no exception. These administrative tasks takes up your employees’ time everyday, leaving them with no time for other tasks. You can cut down the time spent on these processes by using automation in HR. Gleematic can work 3-5 times faster than a human, saving you plenty of time. Here are some processes in HR that Gleematic can automate.

Onboarding Process

When a new staff joins your company, they will fill up forms and submit necessary documents like their ID. Gleematic will retrieve those files and extract the information from it. If the information provided was not sufficient, Gleematic will email the staff to request for more information. Once all the received information is sufficient and extracted, Gleematic will enter it into the HR system. Your employee will validate the information. If the information is correct, Gleematic will proceed to create a new employee file. Once successful, Gleematic will notify the new staff of their employee ID/account.

Recruitment Process

Your hiring manager fills up requirements needed for the new job position. Gleematic retrieves the information and access jobs portals. Gleematic fills in the information for the new job position on the job portals. Gleematic will monitor for applications. When applications are submitted, Gleematic will download their resumes. Gleematic then saves the resumes and complies them into an excel sheet, making it easy for you to review them.

HR Administration Process

When your staff makes request for leave/claims, Gleematic will extract the information needed. Gleematic then enters the HR system and enters the information in. The approving officer will then decide if to approve or not approve the request. After that, Gleematic will update the request and let the staff know if their request have been approved or not.

There are way more HR processes that Gleematic can automate. With Gleematic, you can save time and costs. Your staff will be freed from repetitive tasks, relieving their stress and allowing them to be able to focus on more value-added tasks.

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Written by: Elicia Yeo

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