Retail requires many processes, from front end to back end, including administration tasks. Administration tasks are repetitive tasks, which can take up a lot of time. When using automation in retail, these tasks can be done quickly, allowing your employees to focus on more important processes like front end and back end. Here are some processes that Gleematic can automate for you in retail.

Customer Service Process

When a customer arrives at your shop, Gleematic uses facial recognition to identify the customer. Gleematic will then suggest the name of the customer to staff. Your staff will click “Yes” or “No”, to decide if they want to attend to this customer. Once your staff decides to attend to the customer, the customer will verify their name with the staff. Gleematic will then retrieve the customer’s past purchases and sync with your loyalty system to get the customer’s benefits. The staff will then review the information and provide the customer with product recommendations.

Forecasting Process

Firstly, Gleematic will consolidate sales from various outlets. Gleematic then processes the data to provide trends of popular items. It then provides insights for profitability based on outlets and makes sales predictions based on past data. Gleematic will also predict items that will be popular, advising you to stock up those items.

Enquiry/Complaint Process

You can use past inquiry/complaint data for machine learning, to teach Gleematic how to differentiate between the two. When a customer sends in an inquiry/complaint to your email, Gleematic will retrieve the email and identify if it is an inquiry/complaint. Machine learning will prioritize emails that are unhappy, alerting your staff, and enter the contents into the system. Your staff will review the contents and decide what to respond to, which Gleematic will send to the customer.

Inventory Management

Whenever goods move out of the inventory, Gleematic will record their moments. Gleematic will auto-track their movements, updating the inventory system. It will then inform staff when the inventory is low. Once the order is purchased and it has arrived at the warehouse, Gleematic will auto-update the inventory system and print the receipt of the order.

These are just some of the processes that Gleematic can automate. With Gleematic, you get to complete tasks 3-5 times faster without any human errors. Gleematic helps to relieve the stress of your staff, allowing them to have more time to focus on more important tasks at hand.

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Written by: Elicia Yeo