Cognitive Automation

More than just being intelligent.

What is cognitive automation?

What is cognitive automation?

Cognitive automation is a type of software that brings intelligence to information-intensive processes. It is commonly associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Computing, with the assistance of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence technologies, this technology extends and improves the range of actions beyond those that are automated with RPA.

This technology can handle semi-structured and unstructured data inputs and has the ability to “learn” to improve itself. It can also figure out complex situations and make predictions, which is something not possible with RPA. 

Cognitive Automation

Why cognitive automation is a huge benefit for businesses?

Why cognitive automation is a huge benefit for businesses?

In the real working world, more than 60% of data is either semi-structured or unstructured. The integration of different AI features with RPA helps organizations extend automation to more processes.

Semi-structured information such as invoices and unstructured data such as customer interactions can be analyzed, processed, and classified into useful data fields for the next steps of automation.

Cognitive automation creates new efficiencies and improves the quality of business at the same time. It can mimic and learn from humans’ experience through machine learning, natural-language processing (English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian), image-recognition, and predictive analysis. 

Benefits of Cognitive Automation

Benefits of Cognitive Automation

Cognitive automation has a range of benefits when opposed to other forms of artificial intelligence. We train cognitive automation systems until they can make an impact to automate complex business processes that require fewer data. They don’t need support from data scientists to create complicated models which business users can use in just a few weeks of deployment. Here are some benefits of cognitive automation:

  • Much faster than humans.
  • Highly accurate (eliminate human errors).
  • Very cost-effective.
  • Scalable beyond headcount.
  • A better use for higher-value tasks.
  • Predictable and cossistent.
  • Available every hour of the day.
  • Compatible with existing technology.

Much faster than humans

Highly accurate (eliminate human errors)


Very cost effective


Scalable beyond headcount


Better use of staff for higher-value tasks


Predictable and consistent


Available every hour of the day


Compatible with existing technology

Where to use cognitive automation?

Where to use cognitive automation?

Filter candidates for recruitment, predict likelihood of resignations, analyse employee satisfaction, etc.

Pick up data from finance documents (purchase orders, invoices), validate data, process payments, reconciliation, etc.

Send personalised greetings, predict likelihood of purchase, generate quotations, etc.

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