Being able to automate maintenance reporting is crucial in Manufacturing. Manufacturing organisation need machine maintenance to ensure mechanical assets are operating with minimal downtime. This is will affect all employees and assets that operates the machines.

Having a scheduled machine maintenance routine can help organisation to keep track with KPIs and check whether there are any anomalies within the data. Maintenance type will also differ depending on the machines that are involved.

What is a Machine Maintenance Report?

Machine maintenance report is used as an analysis tool to evaluate hours spent on mechanical assets maintenance in comparison to previous set time period. These reports often consist data of maintenance hour, maintenance type, costs and other KPIs/Performance metrics.

These reports will help organisation to make critical decisions on manufacture schedules, costs and more. Furthermore, a single report may affect from labour use to health and safety protocols. It is crucial that these reports are done in a timely manner to avoid push backs on production deadlines.

What are the benefits of Machine Maintenance Reporting Automation?

Usually generating machine maintenance reports often involves filtering data through weeks or months of Excel spreadsheets/paper files. The time to calculate and summarise these information can be excruciatingly time consuming for the staffs, it is also highly prone to human errors. Due to the immense time consumption of such tasks, it may be neglected when more important tasks occur.

By automating machine maintenance report, staffs no longer need to manually collect and process these data from multiple sources.This means that the process will be much faster and efficient for all staffs involved, organisation can also make more informed and timely decisions based on the reports. Saving time to generate such reports can lead to less downtime, a safer and sustainable working environment.

How to incorporate Cognitive Automation in Machine Maintenance Reporting?

Manufacturing organisation can utilise cognitive automation software into their system. Where user are able to easily automate work processes without any coding. 

Gleematic cognitive automation can help organisation automate such tasks with ease. Without any coding, users are able to quickly create scripts to generate reports and have them being sent to the designated personnel/department.

Using Machine Learning and OCR, Gleematic is able to scan and analyse multiple documents, as well as extracting specific datas and generating them into Excel spreadsheets. Not only this will save a significant amount of time, errors in these reports will also be greatly minimised. This creates more time and opportunity for organisations to allocate staffs to work on more value-added tasks.

Written By: Reiko Anjani